Quimper Wine and Gastronomy Fair

From 30 March to 1 April 2019 at the Quimper Exhibition Park

Some 130 wine and culinary professionals will be at the Quimper Exhibition Park from 30 March to 1 April for the 25th Quimper Wine and Gastronomy Fair.

A programme of tasting sessions, meetings and discoveries at this great event.


Many professionals will be presenting their products and sharing their passion:
-    Artisans
-    Manufacturers
-    Distributors
-    Wine producers
will be among the exhibitors.

Visitors set off on a gourmet tour of France to discover specialities from Brittany, Corsica and the Pyrenees, and of course Quimper! 

The welcoming atmosphere is conducive to sharing. Each stand makes you want to stop for a moment. Sweet or savoury, small estates or large vineyards, the wide variety of products caters for everyone.

Visitors can enjoy:
-    Cheeses
-    Spices
-    Organic wines, craft wines and wines with an "appellation d’origine"
-    Chocolates
-    Mushrooms
-    Deli meats
-    Teas, etc.

Events and workshops on the programme

During the four days, specialists from the fields of wine and gastronomy will share their knowledge during workshops, tasting sessions and fun or educational presentations.
The programme includes:
-    Tasting sessions
-    Matching wines with dishes
-    Oenology
-    Entertainment for children…

A village devoted to local produce 

A specific area is reserved for local products, promoting short distribution channels and product traceability. The village is sure to prove popular, since visitors will benefit from great "direct-from-the-farm" prices.

In addition, for visitors who are particularly sensitive to environmental protection, a specific organic circuit will guide them to stands devoted to "organic" products.

Year after year, the Quimper Wine and Gastronomy Fair has established itself as the benchmark for fine food and wine in the region.

Contact: [email protected] – +33 (0)2 98 44 25 33