Premıère Vision Istanbul

From 20th to 22nd of march, ICC Istanbul Congress Center

Première Vision Istanbul, organized twice a year since October 2014, is presenting a creative, innovative and quality offer of textiles and materials (fabrics, yarns, accessories...) and services (textile designs... ) selected by a committee industry professionals, and comprising both Turkish and international companies. Based on the Première Vision show concept, specific services and fashion information are also adapted to the area's markets.

Always attentive to evolutions in the textile and fashion industries, Première Vision is continually adapting its strategic choices to meet the needs of international markets.

Turkey is today one of the most dynamic emerging countries, ideally situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. It is also and above all an important player in the global fashion industry, thanks to a textile industry with a strong growth, that is vertically integrated – from production of raw materials to garment manufacturing - and rich in know-how.

Première Vision Istanbul has a dual ambition: to offer each season, in the strong and dynamic and Turkish market, a premium show maximising on the Première Vision brand, and taking advantage of the power of attraction exerted on Eastern Europe and Asia Minor by Istanbul as a regional fashion and market centre.

In 2018, the show has expanded with the addition of the manufacturing offer, which will enable international fast fashion brands to develop sourcing, and to benefit from the quality and skills of Turkish manufacturers, weavers, accessory makers, and more.

As an attractive platform meeting the needs of fashion professionals (designers, couture, luxury or ready-to-wear brands, chain stores, garment manufacturers…), the show’s offer gathers each season:
-        Yarn & fibre producers
-        Fabric producers (cotton, silk, wool…)
-        Accessories’ producers (labels, buttons, zips, packaging…)
-        Garment manufacturers

Contact: [email protected] - +90 212 603 68 99