Mondial de la Bière (World beer festival)

From 17 to 19 may at the Maison de la Mutualité in Paris

The Paris Mondial de la Bière (World beer) festival is the largest craft-beer festival in France. It aims to promote beer culture to food-service professionals, restaurant owners and today's generation of foodies. 

Having grown from 30 to 1000 breweries in thirty years, the French market has experienced a real boom over the last five years. Supporting this development, the Mondial de la Bière provides tasting and demonstration areas to 500 craft beers from 20 countries.

The Mondial de La Bière in figures:

•        127 breweries 
•        500 beers from around the world
•        20 participating countries
•        60 master classes
•        7,800 visitors

Contact: [email protected] - +33 (0)4 78 17 63 12