Marquees?? Did you say "Marquee"?

Look no further - we offer a variety of semi-permanent marquees!

Free-span span marquees eliminate the need for structural floor mountings, which inevitably interfere with the available venue space. More than just PVC, our modern marquees are able to create the illusion of permanent structures by using glass or cassette frontages.

Our exclusive range of clear roof and double story marquees are simply amazing! Always a talking point, they are sturdy and most appealing to the eye. An absolutely spectacular way to host guests!


Snow Peak Marquees look just as romantic as what they sound, offering perfect flexibility as either stand-alone, or linked solutions. They are so easy to install and dismantling them is pretty simple too.

Best of all, they are suited to most terrains and are available with either open or closed-side walls.

With their rather special aesthetic appeal, these up-market and rather 'cute' looking structures also offer extra protection from wind and rain which as we know, can crop up sometimes most unexpectedly, especially in Cape Town.

They are always a WOW factor at any prestigious event!


Are you trying to choose the right marquee?

No matter the occasion, choosing the right marquee is of paramount importance!

Besides the added stress of having to host a top-notch event, no Event Planner should doubt the space of a selected marquee. In fact, that should be the least of their worries or concerns.

We will smoothly guide you through this process of choice, ensuring that your specified number of guests are hosted in a luxurious, safe environment and we will assist you in selecting a suitably-sized marquee, appropriate for the event which is on the cards.

Bear in mind that the opposite can also happen where the marquee chosen, is too vast in size.

There is nothing worse than being at an event and having that impersonal feeling of 'rattling around'. It honestly shows poor planning and by using a reputable Events company, should not even be a fear or consideration.

We offer an extensive selection of configurable marquees in different shapes and sizes, ranging from 6m x 5m to 25m x 100m.

Come to think of it, that is a massive choice and the structures accommodate a minimum of 14 guests, to a maximum of 3,571 guests.

We will explain the differences and advise the best option for you, based obviously on the occasion, configuration and the type of seating required.

Our numbers are based on Cinema seating, Cocktail parties, Dinner/Dances and Awards/Gala events.


A 'gem' of a marquee and oh so stunningly different!

With clear PVC roof skins and sides, these are always a popular choice, providing an elegant finish for prestigious Gala functions or romantic occasions like Weddings, Engagements, Anniversaries, etc.

The perfect marquee choice when requiring natural light and at the same time, providing protection from the elements without the feeling of being enclosed or restricted.

Definitely the way to go if wanting to leave guests with a long-lasting impression.

Configuration options: ranging from 20m x 5m to 20m x 100m.


And here we have it! The marquee which is crème de la crème (meaning: the best of the best), depending of course, on your needs.

Absolutely stunning and completely unique, this almost unbelievable structure is ideal for dual functions and up-market hospitality. External and internal staircase options are available, and a balcony installation completes the perfect picture.

We guarantee this as a perfect venue for Product Launches, Horseracing and Hospitality events. In fact, we just guarantee this as a perfect venue, FULL STOP!

Configuration options: 25m or 17,5m gable width x 40m length