GL Retail

Taking your Brand to New Heights!

Already renowned and well-recognised for our professional and supply services in the fields of Events, Exhibitions and Hospitality, we are proud to announce that we have recently launched GL Retail a fully-fledged Retail division, as part of the GL events South Africa family. Although specialised Retail solutions have always formed a part of our multi-faceted GL events’ profile, last month the GL Retail Division was re-branded, and officially incorporated by GL events South Africa.

What we are actually saying, is that GL events is much more than a leading events management company!

The Retail sector has always gone hand-in-glove with Events Management and Hospitality. The official launch of GL Retail will, without doubt, broaden our vast existing customer base and will offer its services as an independent division of GL events.

Over and above Eventing and Hospitality, the newly launched Retail Division offers a wide range of integrated Retail service solutions. There is absolutely no need to look any further, as we provide a convenient full turnkey solution and specialised services include but are not limited to:

  • From conceptualisation to installation, we offer a fully integrated service, starting at the very beginning following through every facet, until the final installation stage is achieved and completed. Our team of skilled Retail Designers are highly qualified to ensure that your retail space will have the perfect layout. Their focus is on designing the perfect store layout and simultaneously, creating easy movement for customers, attractive opportunities for product displays, a smooth traffic flow and the ultimate shopping experience.
  • It takes time to find an inspiring workspace which ticks all the boxes. ie. perfect location, a perfect floor area, affordable monthly repayments, and overheads. More often than not, the premises will only be a bare and empty ‘shell’, consisting of just four walls supplied with general services only. Where to from here? Our amazing team is ready, willing, and able to help plan, design, and deliver a perfectly fitted out commercial space within any given building structure.
  • Our experienced team can help refurbish existing space. Whether it’s a complete makeover to create a brand ‘new look’, or whether it is to re-design something fresh for a tired-looking existing space, our Retail team is ready to start planning, designing and sharing their creative ideas with you. Our clients’ safety and reputation are important to us. We live in somewhat turbulent times, so it is always best to be prepared for those unexpected and unprecedented incidents, which occur from time t o time. Whether a natural disaster, a situation of unrest, or a power failure, our services are available. Remember too, that Retailers have the extra responsibility of ensuring the protection of their employees, customers, and if course, themselves. You can always rely on our dedicated team which works around the clock, to ensure business continuity.
  • Based on a significant number of client-specific requirements and event factors, we will assist with putting together a comprehensive Disaster Plan. Our dedicated team is on standby, rendering a super quick response to ensure your and the safety of those around you. We believe in always being prepared for the unforeseen and will assist in every way possible.