Flooring for Events & Exhibitions

Flooring in your marquee is just as important as the event you are planning, although for some reason its necessity is somehow often over-looked.

Remember that a well-laid parquet floor also helps conceal ugly bald patches of lawn and for fear of sounding rather trivial in the big picture, flooring provides a sturdier surface on which to walk, greatly helping the ladies especially, when trying to negotiate uneven ground and mud in those 'beautiful heels'.

Whether your choice of flooring is a wood, laminate or carpet finish, we also specialise in decking, which is a raised floor slightly above ground-level.

Often flooring needs to be erected on lush lawns and by raising it slightly with our decking, assists in protecting the lawn beneath allowing it to breathe, providing better drainage and keeping it in over-all good condition.

Floor sections are raised by placing pile upon pile, creating podiums or different levels which enhance visibility from the venue.

The raised flooring is also practically designed to pass cables and pipes through trap- doors, completing your marquee with a perfectly neat and safe finish.

We stock a large range of carpet tiles, but we can also accommodate special orders for rolled carpets, Supa-wood finishes, parquets, sea-grass, lino floor coverings and various forms of laminates.

These come in a variety of colours, designed and chosen to conform to tailor-made specifications and to ultimately compliment your event or exhibition. Plainly put, we have loads of colours to suit your theme!

Please allow us to brag a little too, by sharing with you that our stock range of carpeting could comfortably cover 18 entire rugby fields and we continue growing the selection!

INFINITY is our environmentally-friendly solution to reducing any waste which is produced during the duration of events. We suggest that you have a look at our flexible range of re-usable carpets, made up of tiles which are fitted in single-colours, stripes or borders.

Our flooring systems are designed to cater for all events, including: > Weddings > Corporate functions > Conventions > Trade Shows > YOU NAME IT!