Will 2023 be your break-out year? Having a successful partner in the events industry can maximize your effectiveness at exhibitions. But how much does a display stand cost and what are your options? Whether you are attending events in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Durban, GL events and our expert team has you covered.

Types of exhibition stands and their costs

GL events has a wide range of versatile trade show and expo stand options available at varying costs, depending on your budget and goals for the specific exhibition. They can be used either as one-off showpieces or designed with modular elements, which will extend their use at various other events, making it an attractive, cost-effective option.

Basic Shell Scheme stands

The entry-level shell scheme package is the most cost-effective solution and often chosen as a base to build from. It is ideal for trade shows, consumer exhibitions, product launches and info stands.

Although the Basic Shell Scheme stand includes carpets, electrical services and the stand name, this expo stand lends itself perfectly to upgrading and enhancing the available space, by being able to add furniture, graphics, a wide range of décor options as well as large areas of branded fabric.

System Design stands

Also a more cost-effective exhibition stand option, the System Design stand can be used as an upgrade to a basic shell scheme by adding design elements. This stand option would work well for high brand visibility at activations, exhibitions and conferences.

We take the client’s brief into account during the design phase, which could include eye-catching bulkheads, plants, special lighting and graphics – from vinyl to fabric application.

Maxima stands

If you’d like to make a bigger impression at a trade show, seminar or meeting area and have the budget for it, opt for a Maxima stand. Different profiles are used to add a more upmarket finish to your display. Our Project Managers are on call to give you advice on the best finishes to suit your brand.

Eco-mod display stands

Unique and refreshing, our Eco-mod exhibition stand products offer multiple benefits by being completely re-useable with re-brandable elements. These stands are ecological, made from recyclable material and flat packed. Their versatility also outweighs a higher cost, as you can easily store and reuse them to make a striking impact at events, exhibitions and trade shows. 

Custom stands

A custom stand offers elegant, cutting-edge design with high-end finishes. The sky’s the limit when it comes to design, shape and size – from small 3m x 3m stands to large double-storey structures. 

GL events’ professional consultants can bring your brand vision to life, sharing fresh ideas on how to design the perfect display stand for exhibitions, product launches, retail displays and mall activations. This process includes conceptualisation and design, manufacturing and installation.

Rent or buy exhibition stands

Depending on your budget and exhibition goals, it would be a more cost-effective option to rent a Basic Shell Scheme, System Design stand, Maxima stand. These trade show stands offer varying design and branding options, which would cover anything from your basic needs to more flashy elements.

However, if you would really like to elevate your brand and make a memorable impression, your best choice would be investing in a custom-designed and built exhibition stand or Eco-mod display stand, unique to your brand., 

Events locations

Are you planning on showcasing your brand, products and services at the Rand Show, NAMPO or NAMPO Cape, SARCDA Africa, Meetings Africa, the Gauteng Homemakers' Fair or Africa Energy & Mining Conference and Exhibition?

With locations across South Africa, the GL events team is ready to help you boost your brand with a show-stopping exhibition stand or display wherever you are. 


GL events has more than 40 years’ international experience in providing top quality turnkey and custom stands for exhibitions, trade shows and events. Let us help you choose, design and build the right stand for your brand. Contact us on [email protected].