Caen Wine and Gastronomy Fair

From 22 to 25 March 2019 at the Exhibition Park

The Caen exhibition park is hosting the 27th Wine and Gastronomy Fair, which brings together some 200 artisans and wine producers who are passionate about making high-quality products drawing on the rich natural resources of France's different regions.

The flavours of France

Lovers of fine wines and food can appreciate the wide variety of traditional products from different French regions. The exhibitors include:
-    Artisans
-    Manufacturers
-    Distributors
-    Wine producers

The Wine and Gastronomy Fair enables lovers of fine food and drink to discover the French regions, with their many specialities, ranging from small estates, to renowned brands in the world of gastronomy. From Burgundy, Charente or Normandy... France is full of culinary delights that are presented at the show.

Each stand invites you to enjoy gourmet delicacies, displaying a thousand and one different products and flavours in a welcoming atmosphere. The show is the ideal place to make new gourmet discoveries, promoting diversity and creativity.

On their tour of the show, visitors will find:
-    Cheeses
-    Spices
-    Deli meats
-    Mushrooms
-    Teas
-    Chocolates
-    Organic wines, craft wines and wines with an "appellation d’origine", etc.

Practical workshops

A series of cooking and wine-tasting workshops will enable visitors to learn how to prepare gourmet recipes and to match wines with various dishes. These free activities are designed for every type of audience: experts, beginners, children and adults... this gourmet journey caters for everyone.

An "organic circuit" has also been set up to guide visitors to stands with organic produce and highlight environmentally-friendly farming techniques. The exhibition guidebook includes a specific floor-plan devoted to organic producers, so that visitors who are particularly interested in this type of produce can head directly to stands displaying the "organic" logo. It provides the ideal opportunity to talk with producers who have opted for a "green" approach to farming.

The Wine and Gastronomy Fair is THE place to be for all those who enjoy fine food and wines.

Contact: [email protected] – +33 (0)2 98 44 25 33