Trade shows and exhibitions are a powerful way in which you can showcase your brand, products and services to a whole new audience of potential clients, partners or customers. Striking exhibition stands will attract visitors and provide the opportunity for face-to-face interaction, which boosts brand awareness and secures real business leads.

1. Invest in a custom exhibition booth design

There’s something spectacular about a custom exhibition booth designed to reflect your brand in a truly unique way. Stand out in a sea of standard Shell Scheme stands by having a professional stand company conceptualise, design, manufacture and assemble your one-of-a-kind exhibit booth that will lure visitors and communicate your brand in a special way.

2. Make your exhibit booth just colourful enough

Use no more than three bright accent colours throughout your exhibition booth design to grab visitors’ attention. High-contrasting colours can be used to make your brand messaging and specific display elements stand out. However, remember to stay true to your brand colours and aesthetic.

3. Incorporate empty space into your expo booth design

Maximising your expo booth’s space doesn’t mean cluttering it with banners, display stands and furniture. When you plan your expo booth design, make sure that about 40% of your total area is empty space. This helps visitors feel more comfortable at your trade show stand, while allowing them to see your most important messages more clearly.

4. Let your exhibition display stand tell your brand story

Yes, your company logo, slogan and branded graphics are important – but are you really telling your brand story to prospective clients? Entice them, instil trust and incite them to take action by incorporating the “why” behind your company into your exhibition display stand’s layout, graphics, messaging, brochures and more.

5. Draw visitors to your exhibit booth with giveaways

Set your brand apart at trade shows and exhibitions by offering giveaways and promotional items at your exhibition booth that visitors would actually use. The more frequently they use your branded item, the more exposure your brand will get, resulting in more business leads along the way. Also make sure that there is a clear link between your products/services and the promotional items at your exhibition booth.

Let GL events elevate your trade show status

GL events is South Africa’s leading exhibition and trade show supplier, operating in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. With more than 40 years’ international experience in the exhibition and events industry, our team provides turnkey or customised solutions for your brand at a competitive price. Our exhibition and trade show solutions range from turnkey trade show booths such as the Shell Scheme, System, Maxima or Eco Mod Display Stands to designing and building your own custom exhibition stand. We also rent out furniture and accessories for your stand’s interior and can even organise your entire exhibition and trade show. Contact us for advice and a tailor-made quote at [email protected].