The cost of shopfitting is an important consideration when setting up a new retail shop or upgrading an existing shop’s layout and interior. Whether you opt for a cost-effective shop fit-out or a more elaborate shopfitting solution, making use of a professional shopfitter is always a good investment.

GL Retail, a trusted supplier of expert retail shopfitting services across South Africa, shares 5 tips to keep shopfitting costs down.

1. Know your brand

Are you a luxury jeweller or a key-cutting service? Know who your customers are, what your brand stands for and what type of shopfitting would best reflect your brand. Knowing your brand would help determine the level of shopfitting specifications and finishes more accurately and keep your retail shopfitting costs down.

2. Set up a budget

Now that you know what shopfitting league you’re aiming for, you can contact a professional shopfitter for a quote and set up a budget. Do your homework, read up about shopfitting costs and ask your service provider for ways to keep your shopfitting costs down that would not compromise on quality.

3. Plan for your customer

Before starting your shopfitting project, design your retail store’s layout with the ultimate customer experience in mind. Create a flow that helps customers find what they need quickly, yet with strategically placed sections and items that would encourage them to browse. Planning for your customer could help cut down on the cost of unnecessary items.

4. Keep it simple

When fitting out your shop, keep it simple at first to keep your shopfitting costs down. Attract customers with a few main features and accentuate your space with strategic lighting, clever branding and simple staging. You can always build on the basics with more shop fixtures and finishes as you go along.

5. Get a professional shopfitter

Shopfitting is not a DIY job – it is a highly specialised field, starting from the psychology behind customer experiences to creative design, technical expertise and precision installation. Using a professional shopfitter will not only keep your shopfitting costs down and save you time, but also ensure that your brand is presented in a professional way.

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