4 Reasons why printing, branding and signage are important to your business


You know your branding and signage are your business’s most powerful marketing tools. Just as important is making sure you choose the best printing, branding and signage company near you, that will deliver high-quality, innovative and cost-efficient signage solutions on time, every time.


Here are four reasons why branding and signage should form an important part of your company’s marketing strategy. Proper printing, branding and signage help you:

  • • Increase brand awareness
  • • Draw attention to your business
  • • Boosts your sales
  • • Promote your brand 24/7 as cost-effective marketing tool.

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1. Increase brand awareness


Branding and signage help increase brand awareness and reinforce your company’s brand identity in the consumer’s mind. Clear and concise messages about your brand, products and services in consistent logos, colours and fonts will have consumers instantly recognising and remembering your brand when they need to choose a supplier or service provider.


GL events - PRINTING AND BRANDING for Events


2. Draw attention

Clever, eye-catching signage and branding in a strategic location can draw attention and expose your business to thousands of potential clients every day. Use creative and striking branding and signage to showcase your brand and tell consumers about any special promotions, which can in turn increase impulse buys and boost your overall sales.


3. Boost sales

By attracting customers and becoming an easily recognisable brand in their minds, your branding and signage will also generate more sales and help grow your business. According to research, almost half of customer walk-ins and the subsequent purchases are as a direct result of seeing company signage and branding in some form or another. Boost your sales even more with prominent, colourful signage where they will attract the most attention.


GL events - PRINTING AND BRANDING for Events


4. Cost-effective marketing 24/7

While the initial cost of branding and signage may seem high, it is in fact a great investment as a cost-effective marketing tool. Once installed, your signage will grow your company’s brand awareness and promote your business’ products and services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to a large consumer base. If you use a trusted printing, branding and signage company which offers high-quality products, your follow-up costs will be minimal, leaving you more money in your budget for other marketing avenues.


Get the right branding and signage company for you


When done by a professional and experienced service provider, your business’ signage and branding can be powerful, cost-effective marketing tools to grow brand awareness, attract customers and boost your company’s sales all year round. Create a lasting impression in the minds of consumers with GL events’ high-quality, eye-catching branding, printing and signage solutions. Whether branding an exhibition stall, reception area or entire building, GL events specialises in a vast range of indoor and outdoor products and services to take your brand image to the next level. We combine cutting-edge technology with 18 years of in-house graphic design, signage and printing expertise to bring you consistent high-quality, innovative designs. Let GL events’ professional team create branding, signage and printing solutions that suit your company’s needs and budget. Contact us on [email protected].