5 benefits of investing in a custom exhibition stand by GL events

Exhibitions and trade shows are a great way to elevate your brand and generate effective leads through face-to-face interaction. You will gain even more traction when you invest in a custom stand by GL events, a leading exhibition and trade show stand designer and builder in South Africa.

A custom exhibition or trade show stand is specifically designed and built to showcase your unique brand, products and services. This includes the floor plan and stand design, manufacturing and assembly, flooring, electrical infrastructure, furniture, audio-visual and lighting, as well as project management from start to finish. 

Here’s why you need to invest in a professional exhibition stand specialist:

1) Greater flexibility in terms of design and budget

A lot can be achieved with a custom exhibition stand! Using a professional  stand builder gives you the freedom to choose any style, design, colour and layout that will present your brand in the best possible way. Apart from offering superior quality compared to other stand profiles, custom stands also offer you greater flexibility in terms of your budget. Choosing the best stand design company will ensure you produce the best quality stand with the greatest impact, that suits your budget.

2) Set your unique brand apart from competitors

A show-stopping, innovative custom exhibition stand that reflects your unique brand will attract more feet, make a lasting impression and leave your competitors in the dust. Greater brand awareness and engagement through an eye-catching stand design can in turn boost your revenue.

GL events custom exhibition stand South Africa - Canada Pavilion

3) Show you mean business

Investing in a custom exhibition stand by a professional stand designer and builder shows potential clients you take pride in your company and are serious about doing business with them. Showing them that you care enough to treat them to a great brand experience will gain their trust and help you reach your exhibition and trade show objectives, such as gaining more leads, increasing brand awareness and expanding your customer base.

 GL events custom exhibition stand south africa - Standard Bank.jpg

4) Durability and multiple use

You don’t have to use your custom exhibition stand only once. Get maximum return on your investment by planning to extend the life of your stand beyond a trade show or exhibition – whether you use it at multiple events or repurpose the individual stand elements in your office or retail space. Work with your exhibition stand design and manufacturing company to ensure a durable stand that can be repurposed, while also considering the storage, transport and maintenance.

5) Tap into exhibition expertise

A major benefit of using a professional exhibition stand designer and builder to build your custom stand, is the expertise that comes with it. The experienced account managers at a reputable custom stand design company such as GL events South Africa are on top of the latest custom stand design ideas and trends and will be able to provide you with the best tips, tricks and advice on ways to optimise your brand within the available space and budget.

GL events custom exhibition stand south africa - Krones.jpg

GL events – your custom stand specialist

GL events South Africa has been a leading custom exhibition stand specialist for more than 40 years, operating in all regions with branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban. Stand out in the crowd with an expertly designed, manufactured & assembled custom exhibition stand to suit your needs and budget. Contact us on [email protected].