Whether you’re setting up a new retail store or upgrading your shop’s layout and interior, it’s important to know how much shopfitting costs, and what influences shopfitting costs.

What is shopfitting?

Shopfitting solutions involve planning, designing, sourcing and implementing the perfect store layout and interior to reflect your brand and generate more sales. Shop fixtures include strategic lighting, flooring, printed signage, point of sales counters and a variety of product displays such as LED screens, shelves, showcases, hanging solutions and more.


What influences shopfitting costs?

When determining how much shopfitting costs, you need to consider the following factors:


Shop size:
The shop size will determine the layout and extent of shopfitting required. Larger retail stores will require more shop fixtures than smaller shops in terms of flooring, lighting, signage, furniture and more, which will drive up the shopfitting costs.

Brand image:
Shopfitting costs will be determined by your brand image, which will require either a budget, standard or premium shop fit-out. Premium brands will require more luxurious shopfitting solutions, leading to a more expensive shop fit-out.

Turnkey versus customised:
Choosing from turnkey shop fixtures will keep your shopfitting costs down, compared to having a retail shopfitting designed and built from scratch. Turnkey shopfitting sets are prebuilt for quick and easy installation, saving you time and money.

Type of materials used:
Certain types of shopfitting materials are more cost-effective than others, such as melamine carcasses, laser-cut brand signage (backlit), fabric graphics, granite tops, suspended ceiling rolls (painted), fluorescent lighting, single-strip LED to backlight or light up units, drywalling partitioning and vinyl signage.

On the other hand, extra finishes like spray-painting, polishing, lacquer spraying or colour staining can drive up shopfitting costs.

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If you want more durable shop fixtures that look professional for longer, you should be prepared to pay a little bit more for your shop fit-out.

Electrical work and plumbing:
The more complex your shopfitting, the more expensive it will be. Wiring your kiosk or certain sections of your shop for electricity to point of sales (POS) systems, LED screens or display cases would increase shopfitting costs. The same applies to installing plumbing.

Flooring, ceilings and drywalls:
Most shopfitting projects focus on interchangeable or freestanding items, but you could consider more permanent structures in terms of the flooring, ceilings or erecting drywall partitions that could lead to higher shopfitting costs.

Apart from the cost of shopfitting materials, the labour costs related to a shop fit-out form a big part of your overall budget and timelines. A simple turnkey shop fit-out will be much quicker to plan, prepare and install than a more complex, customised shopfitting solution. Urgent shop fit-outs also cost more, so plan your shopfitting project well in advance.

Geographic location:
Most professional shopfitters operate from major city centres. If you are located in a small town or remote area, you need to factor additional transportation costs and travel time into your shopfitting costs and deadlines.

Need a professional shopfitter?

Making use of a professional shopfitter near you is always a great investment. GL Retail has been a trusted supplier of expert shopfitting services to retail stores in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban for more than 20 years. 

Our project managers will help you determine how much shopfitting will cost for your store fit-out, and deliver fast, efficient and cost-effective retail shopfitting services and solutions that will boost your brand and drive sales.

Choose from our wide range of turnkey shopfitting solutions that are built, supplied or installed complete and ready to operate, or have standalone, fully-customised retail shop fit-outs designed and manufactured.

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