Developing A Stand Concept That Will Attract Maximum Visitors To Your Booth

Reaching your target market made easier

A well-planned exhibition provides perfect solutions to:

  • - New product launches
  • - Perfect meeting place for existing and new customers
  • - Extensive Market Research
  • - Creating Brand awareness
  • - Product demonstrations
  • - New channels of distribution
  • - Sales


Entrance areas
Stands situated closer to entrance areas, usually receive more attention than those located within the hub of the exhibition hall.  The design of a stand should be such that it creates an immediate attraction, luring visitors closer, to view the product/s of interest, which are on display.

Visibility, accessibility and visual impact are three key factors to hosting a successful exhibit. 

It is essential that the key message of the brand is strongly and accurately conveyed.  

Big Brand names 
A great strategy for exhibitors if not securing a stand near an entrance, is to choose one en-route to one of the big brands.  This will help to ensure a steady flow of ‘foot traffic’ in their direction of visitors making their way to and passing other stalls along the way.

Café and Rest areas
Securing a stand close to these areas is also definitely worth considering.  This of course, is on condition that your exhibition is not designed in any way which could disturb those relaxing and enjoying a meal and refreshments. (Overly loud multi-media demonstrations, light shows, loud music, etc).


Extra space should be allocated to welcome additional guests at any time.  Small private areas are often included at the stand to enable quiet one-on-one chats with visitors, should they so require.

Aerial designs showcasing a brand from across the room are very effective, and many stall holders importantly embrace sustainability, by incorporating renewable elements in their stands.

The design of a stand in essence, should:

  • - Showcase products in the most creative ways possible 
  • - Enhance brand recognition by instantly drawing the attention of visitors
  • - Use bold graphics, which will create a talking piece and will capture the essence of the brand itself
  • - Use illuminating lights with backlit graphics and fabrics to capture the audience
  • - Use flooring which complements the stall and space


Interactive stands are always more interesting.  People love competing and interacting.  Be a step ahead in this department. 

The use of too many graphics and wordy sentences become ‘clutter’. Interestingly, graphics should ideally not occupy more than 40% of available space.

Continuity of a chosen theme should be followed throughout the stand.  Graphics, banners, or any kind of promotional collateral should maintain a constant flow.


  • - If needing to cover a table, tablecloths should extend all the way to the ground
  • - There should always be additional space for free movement of staff at every stand
  • - Items which are not needed for display purposes, should be kept in a storage area, out of the public’s view
  • - A waste bin always comes in handy for litter and helps keep the stand clean and tidy
  • - Avoid including dates on any graphics, so that material can be re-used for future shows and Branding purposes
  • - All wording appearing on the stand must be checked, checked and re-checked.  Nothing detracts more from a product than spelling errors, especially for all to see, when you have a captive audience


Our qualified team of highly skilled and creative staff is waiting for your call.  They are eager to get to work to ensure the perfect execution of an eye-catching and trendy stand concept, tailor-made to suit your very own Brand.