We plan, we design and most importantly, we deliver a perfect shop-fitting solution.

From conceptualisation to installation, we offer a fully integrated service, starting at the very beginning following through every milestone, until the final installation stage is achieved and completed.

Our team of expert and experienced shopfitters will leave no stone unturned when creating an awesome first impression for your clients. Whether fitting out a small corner café, an exclusive boutique or a hyperstore, our creative ideas and quality workmanship will not disappoint neither you nor your valued customers.

We have an array of wide-ranging services, which include all aspects of quality shop-fitting and outstanding workmanship.

Our turnkey shop-fitting service includes careful planning and top-of-the-range quality finishes!

  • • Full project planning and management service
    Every design is unique, our meticulous planning team approaches every project on its own merits. Regardless of whether the plan is to roll out a chain of companies or a small exclusive store, every project receives exclusive attention and ultimately, delivering a quality end-product executed within the agreed timelines and most importantly, within an approved budget.
  • • Experienced retail & space planning designers
    Our primary focus is creating a pleasant shopping experience for your customers.. This means that every shop-fitting project requires much thought and planning by our highly skilled retail and space planning designers, who will create the perfect layout, including essential aspects like floor planning, traffic flow and attractive layouts for product displays. The end product is guaranteed to be aesthetically pleasing, and perfectly designed with your brand in mind to appease and create an ultimate customer shopping experience.
  • • Technical drawings, 3D modelling & 3D renders
    We understand the considerable investment required to execute a perfect store. With the availability of so many options, it is almost impossible to expect anyone to be able to visualise the final result, or for that matter, not be able to add extra details or finishing touches which may have been overlooked along the way. This is where our amazing design department comes into play. They will bring your retail shopfitting vision to life, combining aesthetics and space planning ideasby creating an impressive 3D model using the latest advanced 3D software. 3D visuals help create a better understanding, showcasing what the final product could or will look like. We include even the smallest details, like colours, fabrics, and
  • • Store design in line with retail strategy
    A comprehensive retail strategy is key when deciding on store design and creative planning for a shopfit. Layout planning is both an art and science, which requires psychological insights, creativity and continuous testing. The responsibility of what will and won’t work for the store is capably managed by our knowledgeable team, which never stops its intensive research to stay ahead of the competitive retail game. We are a call away and willing to part with this essential information when planning your shopfit.
  • • Durable, fit for purpose materials
    Creative thinking, clever ideas and unique concepts are what differentiate between an ordinary run-of-the-mill store and a ‘Wow factor’ store. We love exploring the diverse and extensive range of material options available, and how best they can be applied to the various facets of shopfitting and surfaces. Durability and quality is never compromised and we supply top of the range materials, which will meet every retail shop fit pre-requisite.
  • • Quick turn-around time
    Working around the clock, our enthusiastic team will work closely with you to ensure that all agreed ideas and concepts are carefully carried out according to shopfitting plans, designs and specifications. The grass never has time to grow under our feet and will go to any and extent, to ensure a quick turn-around time and the delivery of a thorough hand-over.
  • • Cost effective, quality solutions
    We implement quality shopfitting solutions like no other! We understand that customers are the heart of the retail industry. Space plays an integral role in any retail store, but space which has been both skilfully and attractively used is invaluable, when encouraging feet through your shop door. Your brand deserves to stand out above the rest and you need look no further for cost effective, quality shopfitting solutions.
  • • Full adherence to in-mall regulations
    Municipal, mall and tenancy regulations can often be fraught with red tape. In order to avoid any risk of injury or danger which almost always results in legal action, it is essential to adhere to all Municipal By-Laws and Council regulations. The health and safety of employees, public and tenants are of paramount importance and every necessary precaution must be taken to avoid any type of accident or possible injury. We will assist on your behalf, dotting every ‘I’ and crossing every ‘T’ to ensure that our designs and shop-fitting concepts comply accordingly and within legal requirements.


GL events prides itself as a forerunner in the industry and guarantees top-quality materials and workmanship. We are only a call away from creating that impressive first impression!