Furniture for any occassion


In addition to our already vast range of furnishings and décor, we are thrilled to announce a brand-new line of furniture and décor accessories. In true GL events style, we have spared no thought or effort when sourcing our new range of bespoke furniture and accessories, Our new range of bespoke furniture and accessories creates an all-in-one event hire solution. This dynamic step has been carefully planned with our valued clients top of mind, ensuring a smooth and easy process when planning and executing an important event in fine style, enhanced by beautiful décor and accessories.


Exhibitions, Trade Shows, Private Functions, Corporate Events, Government Functions, Cocktail Parties, Weddings……This is what we do best!  Call us for a turnkey event solution. Our professional, highly skilled and knowledgeable team is geared towards assisting clients from advisory services to design, installation, décor, compliance with safety regulations and every other aspect which makes for the perfect event! GL events South Africa is pleased to share our new furniture and accessories catalogue with you.



No matter the type of occasion, we understand the concept of suitable seating. From private occasions, corporate events to exhibitions, we have just the perfect solution. GL events has added even more choice and variety to its already awesome range of seating.

  • - Chairs: With no fewer than 24 styles and designs from which to choose, we offer a carefully chosen selection of chairs and covers to suit any event.
  • - Barstools: We have 16 different stunning styles and designs to choose from
  • - Single Seats: From Retro to Classic!  Whether a comfy tub chair, an elegant wingback chair or a King and Queen-theme chair, choose from our stunning range. 
  • - 2 Seater Couches: For some ‘close up and personal’ seating?  We have the perfect range to supply comfy seating for two.
  • - 3 Seater Couches: In the seating business, three is never a crowd. We offer a choice of stylish three-seater sofas.  Never forget the classy, elegant and aesthetically pleasing effect that a Chaise Longue can create in a ‘bland’ spot!
  • - Bean Bags: For something a little more casual but still practical, we have a fabulous range of bean bags in an array of fun colours.   Take a look at our curved and circular seating, perfect for the right area and sure to become a talking piece!
  • - Ottomans & other: Who doesn’t love an Ottoman?  Versatility at its best, especially when either additional seating space or surface space is required.  Ideal for use as a side table too! 



From funky Café and Coffee tables, elegant Fine-dining dinner tables and Corporate Board Room tables, we have exactly what it takes to create the perfect ambience at your event.

Our Décor professionals are waiting to share their ideas with you.

  • - Café Tables: Probably the most common of all tables and seen in many places, our modern designs range from ornate Chopstix to Big Show Stopper tables, (with a whole lot of choices in between). We will leave you spoiled for choice.
  • - Coffee Tables: Coffee Tables like no others! Start by having a look at our Spider or Hexagon Coffee Tables and all the others along the way. We will happily offer all assistance you may need to complement your occasion.
  • - Dinner Tables: From stylish Fine-Dining tables to elaborate LED tables, whether round, square or rectangular, wooden, metal or a buffet counter, we have an amazing range to suit absolutely any event. We will help you make a perfect choice!
  • - Cocktail Tables: Sophisticated, Elegant, Rustic… It’s all about choice! Our vast range carries beautiful designs and certainly not your ‘everyday’ Cocktail Tables! Perfectly fitting, top quality tablecloths are also available.
  • - Side Tables: From our colour customised U-shape coffee tables and attractive hour-glass coffee tables, our range of unique coffee tables will enhance any event. We understand the importance of attention to detail and will gladly assist you.



  • - Flooring: Often overlooked, flooring is an extremely important facet of any event and often themes, menus, and programmes take precedence. However, good planning and perfectly installed flooring is essential, particularly when it comes to the safety of your guests. There is also always the aspect of aesthetics, which often necessitates flooring having to be custom-built, especially at outdoor events. It is essential that flooring complements the style and theme of the event and equally important to provide a stable and steady underfoot foundation. Flooring can truly make or break an event. GL events has a wide selection of attractive tiling and flooring choices to complement your outdoor or indoor seating. For custom-build flooring requirements, chat to our professional team for great ideas and perfect solutions.
  • - Counters and Bars: Depending on the type of event of course, registration desks, counters and reception bars are often what guests see first upon their arrival. Remember, “You never have a second chance to create a first impression”, and therefore, it is important that the correct choice be made when selecting these items for the occasion. We have a range of wooden and padded furniture, offering colour-choices of black, white or customised colours on request.



Décor and accessories deservedly set the stage for any event. Again, depending on the type of gathering, we have opened wide doors with an awesome choice of themes, appropriate décor and absolutely stunning accessories.

NOTE: Remember to order flowers. Although we don’t do the arranging ourselves, we can help with suggestions and undoubtedly are able to provide bespoke vases or containers.

Our vast range of Accessories includes:

  • - Lighting: Elegant chandeliers, to stylish standing lamps and LED Ottomans, GL events caters for every theme and choice. Our skilled team of Technical experts will assist with all certified installations.
  • - Carpets: An all-important finishing touch! Choose a cosy shaggy, a luxurious Persian or lush Astroturf. They all have their place at an event, solving that important attention to detail requirement. Why not welcome your guests in true celebrity style and roll out a ‘red carpet’?
  • - Décor: Ornate ice buckets and stands, attractive and comfy scatter cushions and fitted V-Bench cushions. Perfect for all occasions!
  • - Heating and Cooling: Our state-of-the-art heaters, fans, air-conditioners, and coolers will ensure the comfort of your guests. Choose from our large range of gas or electric cooling and heating appliances.
  • - Room Dividers: Room Dividers are one of the most useful and versatile items of furnishing. We carry a selective and exclusive range of room dividers, which will help create a quiet corner into a feature or will act just as an attractive finishing touch to vast open areas.
  • - Mirrors: The ultimate finishing touch. Nothing quite beats the reflection of beautiful décor, lighting, and people! We carry a variety of mirrors, including decorative, chevals, make-up mirrors and standing mirrors.
  • - Clothing Accessories: Often used for those unexpected times, for example, when perhaps an unexpected rain shower arrives, or a prolonged car trip has managed to crease a special outfit…. Come to the rescue and save the day!


We supply clothing rails, hangers, steam irons, garment steamers and coat-stands. (This is a heads up and a trade secret – ALWAYS BE PREPARED)


  • - Garden Tables and Chairs: Choose from either our rustic or more elegant range of garden tables and chairs. Create a perfect ambience at your next outdoor event or outdoor area.
  • - Picnic Perfect: Go all out and picnic in style. Lovely lightweight but sturdy and durable picnic tables, chairs, benches and of course, colourful cushions to finish off your theme!
  • - Parasols: Quite often over-looked, no outdoor event or garden party is complete without a few stunning parasols. Strong and versatile, a shortage of shade should never be a problem!