Furniture choice for any occasion or event can be a ‘make or break’ component

Considering the amount of time, thought and organising that goes into coordinating the perfect event, it is sometimes possible for the aspect of furniture to get lost in the frenzy of the planning stages.

Furniture should always look inviting! Remember, it helps you to stand out above the rest.

However, it also needs to be functional and practical, encouraging guests to linger a little longer. This said and depending on the type of event, it need not always take the form of luxurious sofas, glass tables and Persian rugs.

We have chosen to focus and specialise in furnishings more suited to exhibitions or cocktail-style themes. The extensive range of furnishings service VIP and general public areas and is designed and manufactured specifically to blend harmoniously into event spaces.

We also supply 'made-to-measure' items (benches, reception counters, bar counters, room dividers etc.) in wood or metal, which are then painted or covered to conform to colour schemes or themes.

Furniture should also be carefully chosen for easy use. This helps too, when it comes to connecting and engaging with guests, showing that every detail of comfort and practicality has been taken into consideration.

Before choosing the type and style of furniture you prefer, always remember to consider the type of event you are hosting. Whether a Conference, Product Launch or Exhibition Stand, furniture always adds a fine touch to your event and helps to achieve your objectives.

  • Café furniture
  • Cocktail Furniture
  • Basic Lounge Furniture
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Exhibition & Display Units
  • Conferencing Furniture
  • Carpets
  • Accessories

GL events also provides a host of additional elements to compliment your event, venue, exhibition stand or marquee:

> Electrical installations – DB boards, light fittings and chandeliers > Custom furniture made from pallets etc > Custom and Corporate branding - Internal banners/External facades > Design and layout > Variety of Marquees, including a Glass marquee and Double-decker units with verandas > White picket fencing for demarcated exterior areas