Cladded System Stand

Cladded systems provide a high-impact, cost-effective solution.

Using the Shell Scheme structure, custom cladding is applied to produce a seamless custom-made look and feel, which immediately create an effective and uninterrupted backdrop.

As you no doubt are aware, your typical exhibition halls or trade shows are usually made up of row-upon-row of stalls, often looking identical to each other and also rather dreary and un-appealing.

This is not the look and feel that you or we at GL events want to portray, and it is where our creativity comes into play, ensuring that the presence of your brand is highly visible and easily felt.

Eye-catching, panel or fabric-mounted graphics and strategically placed back-lighting are very useful elements when creating focus areas in an often-restricted space.

Fabric cladding is a perfect option for exhibitors who want to re-use branding material, the fabric attaches to the framework, so it is easy to install and it folds up into a relatively small size for storage.

Cladded walls free up much-needed space by being able to accommodate effective branding, using every tiny bit of wall area and creating the look of a more conventional, spacious exhibition booth with flowing graphics.

The main feature of a cladded stand is that you achieve a semi-custom look and feel without having to incur the cost of a full custom produced stand. By cladding, the aluminium poles used in the shell-scheme framework and fascia of the stand the finish of the stand becomes more refined and lends itself towards maximum brand visibility within the exhibition space.