Viving Brest: the Home, Garden and Real-estate Fair

From 8 to 11 March 2019 at Brestexpo

The 24th Viving Brest Home, Garden and Real-estate Fair brings together 180 exhibitors. All the region's specialists in the field of building, home decoration, renovation and landscaping are at the fair. The various subjects addressed include:
-    Buying
-    Construction
-    Renovation
-    Decoration
-    Indoor layouts and outdoor landscaping
-    Innovation.

Ensuring your project is a success thanks to the support of top professionals

The fair caters for every kind of home building, renovation or improvement project. There are solutions for every need. A professional is always on hand to answer questions such as "How should I go about renovating my bathroom?" "How should I finance my future home acquisition?" or " What paint should I choose for my child's bedroom?" 
Visitors can get technical and financial tips, in line with the latest French government regulations.
Over the course of the four days, visitors can also take part in a great programme of free DIY workshops and expert conferences, organised in three new spaces laid out especially for the occasion.

New features and services devoted to peace of mind and well-being

Viving is focused on making your home a "sweet home". As such, there are many solutions and ideas for making your home as comfortable and practical as possible. This includes:
-    Advice from professionals
-    Decoration ideas
-    The latest trends
-    Presentation of eco-materials
-    Power and energy supplies 
-    Furniture

as visitors amble through the fair, they will find stands that cater for every expectation.

You can even get an overall quote and proposal made by all the service providers you need to complete your project, in a warm atmosphere that is conducive to discussion.

Contact: [email protected] – +33 (0)2 98 44 25 33