Saint-Malo Wine and Gastronomy Fair

From 27 to 29 January 2019 at the Quai Saint Malo Exhibition Park

The 23rd Saint-Malo Wine and Gastronomy Fair, bringing together fine wine and food producers, will open its doors to fans of gourmet food from 27 to 29 January at the Quai Saint-Malo Exhibition Park. Nearly 90 small producers and winegrowers will be presenting the rich and varied produce of various French regions, with many tasting session and fun activities organised.

The wines and produce of different French regions under one roof

Presenting the specialities of all the regions of France, the Wine and Gastronomy fair brings together:
-    Artisans
-    Manufacturers
-    Distributors
-    Wine producers

For them, the fair is an opportunity to share their passion with lovers of fine food products. Visitors travel from Brittany to the Basque Country, passing through Alsace, and can taste the high-quality produce and specialities of all these regions.

The most delicious dishes are presented in a warm, friendly atmosphere. At the Wine and Gastronomy fair, foodies are truly in their element and every stand is worth stopping at.

Visitors can enjoy:
-    Chocolates
-    Spices
-    Mushrooms
-    Organic wines, craft wines and wines with an "appellation d’origine"
-    Deli meats
-    Cheeses
-    Teas, etc.

A great day out for the whole family

As always, a programme of workshops and events caters for every visitor. Wine waiters, chefs, culinary bloggers and pastry chefs share the secrets of French gastronomy for free during 3 days devoted to celebrating food. The programme includes:
-    Matching wines with dishes
-    Oenology
-    Tasting sessions
-    Fun and educational presentations
-    Entertainment for children…

A village devoted to local produce

For visitors who are particularly interested in environmental issues, a special area devoted to local products promotes regional produce and short distribution channels, while an "organic circuit" has been laid out to guide visitors to stands that specifically sell organic products.

The Wine and Gastronomy Fair aims to bring together specialists and amateurs to celebrate good food and drink.

Contact: [email protected] – +33 (0)2 98 44 25 33