Gaming Istanbul: The gaming Bridge of Eurasia

From January 31th to February 3rd at the Eurasia Show and art Center

For the fourth time, global gaming professional & regional gamers will meet at Istanbul, where continent’s meet. Our new gaming exhibition, Gaming Istanbul has become the largest B2B & B2C gaming exhibition of Turkey & the MENA region.

Targeting 30,8 million Turkish gamers & located in the business capital of Turkey, with 18 million population, Gaming Istanbul has quickly become the main attraction of the month in Turkey during first week of February. 

Among Gaming Istanbul exhibitors, there were Tencent Games, Blizzard, Netmarble, Ubisoft, Sony Playstation, Microsoft XboX, Nvidia, MSI & more game & hardware companies, making GIST the first global-scale international game show of the region. 

Gaming Istanbul offers vast opportunities for gaming professionals & gamers: 


For visitors:

•        Exhibition Area
•        Shopping Area
•        Cosplay Area
•        Kids’ Area
•        FRP Area
•        Influencer Meet & Greet Area
•        E-sports & Tournament Area


For professionals:

Under the roof of Gaming Istanbul, GIST Professional Area is accessed by B2B passes & closed to public, where local & global professionals arrange their meetings via Pitch & Match online matchmaking system & develop business or meet press. 
GIST|DC, which is another first for Turkey is an international developers conference, hosting Hollywood artists, game designers, developers & marketing professionals on stage, to share their wisdom & experience with the local gaming industry. 
GIST VIP section is where the most influential managers of the gaming industry conduct their meetings in private.
Indie Area is another first of GIST’s activities. Gaming Istanbul provides free of charge booth spaces for national & international indies without investors, to showcase their game to industry & visitors.


Growing rapidly at a rate of 11-32% a year, Gaming Istanbul fills the gap between Chinajoy & Gamescom, completing the global gaming highway and offering an international outlet for companies from Europe, America & Asia to connect to & expand into the MENA region, and vice versa.

Contact : [email protected] – For exhibiting: +90(212)8033892 – For tickets: +90 850 885 18 45