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Want your dream event delivered, on time and within budget? Let the most trusted event solutions company in Johannesburg take care of any event, from your big corporate gala evening or conference to an intimate wedding celebration.

GL events is a trusted event solutions company in Johannesburg, with more than 40 years’ experience in the international events and exhibitions sector. We provide event project management solutions, event infrastructure, furniture rental and much more to make your indoor or outdoor event a memorable affair.

What sets an event solutions company apart?

What truly sets an event solutions company apart isn't only its ability to coordinate logistics, the way it which it transforms visions into memorable experiences.

First and foremost, a great event solutions company takes the time to understand and embrace their client’s unique vision, which includes the event objectives, target audience, budget and timelines. These factors are then turned into innovative solutions in terms of the broader layout, design and infrastructure, right down to the finer details of the event like flooring, lighting and furniture rental.

From planning and design to flawless execution, a good event solutions company is adaptable and keeps its clients updated throughout the process, while ensuring that timeline and budget requirements are met.

Event solutions

GL, a trusted event solutions company in Johannesburg, offers a wide range of event solutions for outdoor or indoor events, which includes:
•    Event project management.
•    Advice, layout, design, planning and execution (setup and breakdown) according to objectives, budget, timelines and municipal guidelines.
•    A diverse portfolio of semi-permanent venues and marquee tents to suit your space with unique interior fitments.
•    An impressive quantity, quality and variety of rental furniture, flooring, lighting and electrical options to suit any occasion, including café furniture, cocktail furniture, lounge furniture, outdoor furniture, conference furniture and accessories.

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