Exhibition stand prices and display stand options

Once you’ve booked a spot at a trade show, your next step would be to find out more about exhibition stand prices and display stand options. In this article, we will explore what influences exhibition stand prices and the different display stand options that are available to you, through GL events South Africa.

What influences exhibition stand prices?

Exhibition stand prices are influenced by many factors, including the size and location of the display stand, the specific finishes and amenities you use and the height of the stand. 

The larger and taller the stand, and the more complicated the exhibition stand design, the higher the exhibition stand cost would be. Finishes such as vinyl, fabric wraps and laminate, as well as other fixtures like lighting, electrical fittings and interactive displays can also add to the exhibition stand prices.

How much your exhibition stand would cost, will also be determined by your exhibition or trade show goal, your brand identity, the types of display stands you prefer, your budget and timelines. 

What display stand options are available?

GL events South Africa offers a wide variety of display stand options for you to choose from, ranging from basic to more advanced and custom-designed displays at varying exhibition stand prices. These different types of display stands for exhibitions include basic shell scheme stands, system design stands, maxima stands, eco-mod display stands and custom-designed exhibition stands.  

Basic shell scheme stands have the lowest exhibition stand prices and are often chosen as a base to build from. Ideal for trade shows, consumer exhibitions, product launches and info stands. 

System design stands are also a cost-effective display stand option, which can be used as an upgrade to the basic shell scheme by adding design elements. Ideal for high brand visibility at activations, exhibitions and conferences.

Maxima stands are a good display stand option if you have a larger budget, as different elements are added to your stand to create a more upmarket feel and make a bigger impression at trade shows.

Eco-mod display stands are ecological, made from recyclable material and are completely re-useable, with re-brandable elements. These display stand options come at slightly higher exhibition stand prices, but are a unique and refreshing way to present your brand.

Custom-designed exhibition stands enable you to have innovative designs with high-end finishes, from small 3m x 3m display stands to large double-storey structures. These types of display stands include exhibition stand design cost and custom-manufacturing, which increases their exhibition stand prices.

Should I rent or buy an exhibition stand?

Your budget and exhibition goals would determine whether you rent or buy an exhibition stand. If you are looking for display stand options at lower exhibition stand prices, we would recommend that you rent a basic shell scheme, system design stand or maxima stand with varying design and branding options.

However, if you really want to elevate your brand, your budget allows for it and you plan on using your display stand again, it would be a good investment to buy a custom-designed exhibition stand, albeit at a higher exhibition stand cost.

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