The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the full integration of the unique GL events Group business model in South Africa. Present in SA for 11 years, GL events South Africa now operates at Group level steering three divisions i.e. LIVE, VENUE and EVENTS, providing a comprehensive service offering:

LIVE: Offers event and exhibition infrastructure service solutions from event design to production.

VENUE: Management of the Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) alongside the Montgomery Group which holds 40% shares of JEC. The partnership between the two will continue to drive development, bringing in new events to the venue.

EVENTS: Dogan Events – organiser of the Rand Show.

This integration further reinforces Group’s strategy to expand GL events presence in SA. Henceforth, the following appointments are instrumental to driving growth and to facilitate the restructuring process within the group:

Craig Newman appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for GL events South Africa Group will serve an overarching role across the Live, Venue and Events Divisions. Craig is the former Chief Executive Officer of the Johannesburg Expo Centre and the Rand Show.

Adele Hartdegen appointed in February 2020, as the Chief Executive Officer for Johannesburg Expo Centre will take on board a dual role and also serve as the CEO of Dogan Events. Adele was previously the Head of PR and Marketing for GL events South Africa.

Ishmael Atanasi appointed as the Chief Executive Officer for the Live Division, GL events South Africa. Ishmael was previously Head of Finance for GL events South Africa. Ishmael will be supported by Marc Bennett as the Commercial Director for the Live Division, Marc remains as the branch manager of GL events Cape Town with the Commercial Director role added to his portfolio. Leshem Naidoo remains the branch manager in Johannesburg and Yudeshni Mahomed remains the branch manager in Durban.

Up to now GL SA has been led by Maxime Rosenwald as the Managing Director for Middle East and Africa, he will remain as such, overseeing the two regions respectively. Maxime has been leading the Group in South Africa for the past 3 years and will shortly be returning to France to take his place at the International Head Quarters in Lyon.

We welcome the appointments and look forward to tapping into the wealth of experience they bring forward as business leaders who will complement the work of the existing directors to bring growth and stability within the group.